Secure IT

Security is the number 1 challenge facing business today. Our increasing reliance on IT to do business, means increased threats to the integrity of your network.

ProTech IT will assit you in understanding and controlling the security threats posed to your company. We provide the following: Firewalls, virus protection, spam protection, intrustion detection and system vulnerability testing.

IT Support

We offer affordable and customized IT Support - either on contract or on an Ad-hoc basis. The choice is yours. We are experts in building and maintaining IT infrastuctures in small and medium sized businesses. Our free initial consultation service allows us to understand your unique IT requirements, from which we develop a strategy for you and your unique requirements.

we also offer support for Apple Mac.

We will also procure, deliver and install any new hardware that you may need, at some of the most favourable rates in the SA IT industry!

ProTech IT

LAN/WAN Solutions:

  • Switches / Routers
  • Diginet / Frame Relay / ADSL / ISDN

Service and Support:
  • Servers
  • Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows 2003 Server; Microsoft Windows 2000 Server; Novell Netware and Linux Redhat).
  • Workstations (Hardware: HP, Dell, IBM & Software)
  • Printers
  • Software (Including: Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server; Exchange 2000 Server; Microsoft ISA; Novell Groupwise and Linux Sendmail).
  • Network management and consulting, outsourcing and maintenance.
  • Apple Mac OS